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The NEES PTO is an all volunteer organization committed to enhancing the educational and social experience of the students and families in the New Eagle community. 

After school clubs, cultural arts programs, field trips, outdoor and indoor beautification projects and the recently launched Golden Apple Grants initiative are just a few examples of PTO-sponsored activities. 

What does the PTO do?

  • KEEPS YOU INFORMED –The PTO creates and distributes the PTO Blast, a weekly email containing important information about upcoming activities, event highlights and school news.  The PTO Blast is distributed weekly via email to inform parents about additional school and district news.
  • MAKES SCHOOL FUN! – Funds raised by the PTO go towards quality Cultural Arts programs, classroom enhancements, community outreach and social events not included in the district-wide budget.
  • BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER – School-wide pep rallies, the Spring Fair, after school clubs and an annual Parent Social promote a sense of community amongst students, parents and teachers.
  • ENCOURAGES CREATIVITY – The Golden Apple Grant program gives teachers, parents and students the opportunity to apply for funding for special school-related projects and/or activities that they might otherwise not be able to afford.

How can I support the NEES PTO?

  •  LEND A HAND – There are countless volunteer opportunities at New Eagle, whether you  have a lot of time to give, or just a little.  Consider joining a particular committee or become a “Volunteer At Large”and participate when your schedule allows.
  • MAKE A CONTRIBUTION – As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, the PTO relies on donations to support its activities and programs. Consider making an outright contribution and becoming a “Friend of the PTO.” Your support is critical to our success and allows us to continue to build on our track record of providing educational programs to enhance your child’s experience at New Eagle.
  • SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH US – Do you have any cool and creative ideas for enriching your child’s educational experience at New Eagle? We developed the Golden Apple Grant program to encourage parents, teachers and students to submit an application for funding towards a classroom project or activity that they want to get off the ground!

2017-2018 PTO OFFICERS

President: Bryn Arata president@neweaglepto.org

Executive Vice President: Susie Geib susiegeib@gmail.com

Co-Vice Presidents, Fundraising: Rosanna Hagg rosannahagg@gmail.com and Meredith Gibson meredithgibson@me.com

Vice President, Programming: Colby Paul colbycfox@yahoo.com

Vice President, Cultural Arts: Amy Terlecki arterlecki@gmail.com

Vice President, Volunteers: Kristen Richards krichards27@hotmail.com

Assistant VP of Volunteers: Stephanie Crill sacrill@yahoo.com

Vice President, Communications: Beth D’Antonio ejdantonio@gmail.com

Treasurer: Julie Barnes jmcbarnes73@gmail.com

Assistant Treasurer: Sharon Welgoss welgoss05@comcast.net

Secretary: Kim Kontes kimkontes@gmail.com

Other important items from the New Eagle PTO:

New Eagle PTO 2017-2018 budget

Bylaws of the New Eagle PTO

PTO Committee Chair Orientation ’17-18


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  1. Janet Parry says:

    My name is Janet Parry and our family is moving to the Chester County area this summer. We have two daughters, entering 4th and 5th grades in the Fall, and are in the process of locating a school district that would fit our needs. I have been investigating schools’ websites, but would really like to talk with a parent or two for more information. Please let me know if there is anyone who could pass on more information. Thank you.


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